Everyone loves moving day right?  Right.  That's why 360 Logistics Unlimited focuses on easing the day for our clients. We  Guaranteed.  We will send

Let's talk about it. 

9 out of 10 households are looking for ways to save money on moving costs.  Let's be honest, it's levels to this.  First decide your level of moving.  Are my items expensive, valuable, easy to move? Oversized?  Can I move my items myself? Are there stairs?  Elevators?  Minimal truck clearance? How can I cut these costs?

In many cases, you can save money
by doing it yourself.  Of course it would be ideal to pack everything yourself.  We would like to give some tips on how to crate an item, such as tv or glass.  These things may be time consuming, and you can save time. 
1.  Wrap item with bubble wrap on the most fragile part. 
2. Re-wrap item with a moving blanket or pad, as seen in picture.
3. Cut up a box and tape it to the blanket.
4. Shrink wrap the entire item and tape it.

Remember, when packing boxes on your own-pack heavy, pack light.  That means put your heavier items (moderate) in smaller boxes so that they are easy to carry.  If your boxes contain fragile items, include packing paper and bubble wrap over the items to keep them from breaking.  Label all fragile items as fragile. 

Just a few tips to help your move day go easier. 



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